Media Commentator / Subject Matter Expert

Nigel Morris-Cotterill is a highly experienced and accomplished media commentator and subject matter expert. He has been interviewed by major international broadcasters and print media over a period exceeding 30 years, 20 of them in relation to financial crime and, in particular money laundering and terrorist financing.

He can provide deep background for journalists and present complex issues concisely and clearly having regard to the target audience. He has spoken on general news programmes, specialist business programmes for broadcast all over the world. One of his particular skills is to fit an answer to the time available.

Morris-Cotterill speaks very clearly with an easy-to-listen-to English accent (no strong regional overtones or diction issues / speech impediments). He is authoritative and his presentations carry weight. He can also be controversial.

Morris-Cotterill is able to speak on the money laundering and financing aspects of a wide range of financial crime and also on the enforceability and practicality of laws. He also speaks on matters relating to trade and political sanctions and their impact on the wider commercial sector not only those against whom sanctions are specifically targeted.

For print media, Morris-Cotterill will do face to face or telephone interviews by appointment. However, he prefers to deal with such by written Q&A.

Morris-Cotterill does not do "profile" pieces or PR puff.