Seminars, briefings and speeches.

I present seminars, lectures and briefings for the financial sector, for judges, prosecutors and investigators. I present seminars, conference papers, after-dinner speeches and briefings, in English, all over the world.

Seminars and lectures and briefings may be public or organised by professional bodies, regulators or third party commercial concerns or organised by companies for in-house purposes.

Appropriate organisations may arrange tours to take in multiple locations.

Events organised by third parties will be listed on their own websites. I do not announce in-house assignments nor others that are arranged for a closed group.

I am available to speak on a range of financial crime related topics.

Please find below a non-exclusive list of seminar, etc. topics.

For more information, please complete the enquiry form.

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime / Improving suspicious activity reporting

Advanced Due Diligence

Foundation Course for new Financial Crime Risk Officers

Corruption, Taxation, Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering - The globalisation of financial crime law and regulation.

Market Abuse

International Sanctions and the Global Maritime, Aviation and Shipping Industry

International bodies : their effect on your business

Series: Developing an Effective Financial Crime Risk Matrix

A practical and challenging one day workshop.

1. PIMS (private, investment, merchant banks and securities businesses plus hedge funds, trust companies and similar businesses).

2. RFS (Retail Financial Services (RFS) including retail and SME banks, insurance, funds management, pensions companies, insurance brokers, etc.)

3. Professional practices including law, accounting and audit firms and property agents.

Developing an Effective Financial Crime Risk Matrix

Series: How Money Launderers use....

(This series is being revised for 2017))




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