Nigel Morris-Cotterill is available to be a high-profile and high-value speaker for your event.

You can book Nigel Morris-Cotterill to present in-house seminars or to present or speak at public events which you are organising including seminars, lunches or dinners. He does not, generally, speak at commercial conferences.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill has presented to the boards of major companies and senior officers of government departments in many countries. He speaks at government and intergovernmental conferences. He has presented industry-wide seminars arranged by regulators and trade / professional bodies in many countries.

Morris-Cotterill is not a politician, he does not represent or favour any social, religious, racial, professional or commercial group or interests. He is outspoken and often says what others would consider unsayable if they had thought of it. And yet, later, his words are often repeated, verbatim, by the very people who said he should not have said them. He does not consider that dealing with financial crime should have any borders or boundaries: criminals do not acknowledge those borders or boundaries and therefore to keep up with criminals those same borders and boundaries must be breached - and if we are to try to get ahead of criminals, in the drafting of laws, in the understanding of trends before they become too big to handle, those borders and boundaries must be overcome for the specific purposes of dealing with organised crime, transnational crime and terrorism as well as much simpler domestic crime. It is this willingness and ability to look beyond the constraints that are often imposed by organisations, governments and social, ethnic and religious thinking that characterises criminals: to defeat them, Morris-Cotterill adopts the same tactics, even though some find it uncomfortable.

As Morris-Cotterill says "don't think outside the box; deny there's a box."

Whether your needs are to understand the risks your company faces from prospective laws and regulations or from past, present and future trends in a range of financial crime, or to aid your government or regulator understand risks and to both plan for and protect against them, Nigel Morris-Cotterill will provide a degree of insight that he has demonstrated for two decades.

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Morris-Cotterill presents a range of Seminars and Briefings for the financial sector.